Jovi LeMonstre – Mukwatta

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Mukwatta Lyrics.

Mukang dey for mopp
Ndamba no dey for foot
you kick you no score
Don’t blame it on the boots
blame it on the foot coz we don’t believe you did it.
coz if you did, you don’t need to prove it
who will feel it
me i no be clown
why should i be funny
torn back for here only when you get the money
cattar dey ya nose, but me my days are sunny
so if me i be clown, then ma money be na bunny
i wanna be a man,
baby i could be your man
I know you got a boyfriend, that’s why i said a man
Black pass charcoal, massa i don’t need a tan
Deal fry, i’m headed for the sky, call me peter Pan
Somteims i don’t write
i don’t need a pen
Let us get the message, so me i no go send
The realist mugo know
say me no di preten
tif style nobi burrow
i no gree say i be learn

Wooh ooh tes meur
wooh ooh muyeur
c’est n’es que le mukwatta
woo ooh tes meur
aa-doo-doo Pompee x2
son wey est telement long
on appelle le tretier
la nga fair non
tu n’etait Mbindi
je parle pas de Mus
tu est vraiment Mbindi
aa-dooo doo pompee x2
je jump dans le wey
ca commence a petey

Tombo tombo bos calaba tica bele bele bos
A bele bele cai cai cai Tombo don boss
boss boss boss boss boss boss
The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first
na me go be the first,
na you go be the last
when soup don bolle, massa fuffu no di ipass
Langa beer go kill wunna, ya man di only hold grass
Djong four crate, dough crape, they nodi want kass
boy them don di chop beef
chap them don di moff we
seff perika for kwatta know say potoki na bush meat
flow tan-anga like na fried corn
oboy di one na crang crang
i swear to God i no di joke
est’que i fever cang cang
Oboy you be na fake, ya man seff be na lanca
chicken change nobi na dough
oboy dat one na chang chang
oboy i dey for field, na you shidden for bench
na lie i no go shake, they want say make i quench.

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